What is the South In Talk
The “South in Talk” is an open discussion and you are invited to join.
Members of the European Parliament rarely have the opportunity to engage in public consultation with those who elected them. We take the initiative of reaching out to every elected representative in a Municipal or National level, as well as every concerned citizen, in order to create a political platform with a regional scope. We are in fact asking the question of whether or not there is a Southern European Constituency.
As political representatives of the European Periphery, in societies experiencing the most severe socioeconomic crisis since the Second World War,  we seek to establish on the record that we are “more than the sum of our parts:” that we express constituencies with similar concerns, fears and political demands. We need to consult them as a single constituency so that we can claim legitimacy for common political action.
The European South is undergoing what amounts to a “regime-change” from the European Social Model to a European Libertarian Model in the European South.” If this is true, talking politics is as urgent as fiscal consolidation. This is why this blog was created.
What do we want from you
On this blog, we want to share our concerns and respond to the public’s demand for common action.  You can suggest items to be placed on the agenda or simply send us your opinion and your policy suggestions.
Our countries take turns on the headlines as “advancing” or “stalling” in a process of “reform.” We all appear to be “special cases.” Our common social, political, economic and political referents, our comparable and equivalent challenges, are not expressed or represented. This too, is the reason why this blog was created.
Depending on the public’s response to this initiative, we expect this to be a permanent forum of consultation and cooperation.  

Our sponsors
The initiative is supported by the EU research project, PADGETS, which is implemented by a consortium of twelve leading research organisations and enterprises (National Technical University of Athens, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Google, Athens Technology Center, etc.) and coordinated by the Information Systems Laboratory of the Univeristy of the Aegean. PADGETS offers to the Members of the European Parliament participating in the "South in Talk" discussion, a prototype service that utilizes social media technologies to boost public engagement, enables cross-platform publishing and content tracking and finally, provides decision support. 

The added value that the implementation of this pilot application of PADGETS aspires to offer in the "South in Talk" initiative, is to spread the action beyond this blog, in Social Media platforms, going directly where citizens are on the web.  Thus, anyone who wishes to participate in the "South in Talk" campaign can connect to the MEPs Facebook and Twitter accounts or just use the hashtag #thesouthintalk in Twitter. Relevant material will be published on the aforementioned pages complementary to this blog, during the first cycle of the campaign which will start on 16th of January 2013. Then the first results based on the collected feedback and analysis of user's reaction will be presented in an open event on 25th of January 2013

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