Thursday, January 24, 2013

Angelos Athanasopoulos, Political Correspondent, To Vima

The dilemma between austerity and growth is in front of our eyes every single day. What has been done to overcome it? Nothing at all. Why is that? Because the governments and the European institutions prefer the big words instead of concrete actions. Growth should stop being an abstract idea and turn to specific strategies and practices. This can take place only via a "bottom - top approach" and not the other way round. The societies of Southern European countries need to start communicating, identifying common goals and pursue them. Civil society groups, organized on grass roots method instead on the traditional "through political parties" method, can achieve that. It will mostly be a task for the next generation to take the initiative, if she wants to live in a Europe of social cohesion and prosperity and not in a Europe of social discontent and misery.

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